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Have you ever wondered how many people actually follow through in applying the material they read or actually achieve the goals they set for themselves? Shockingly it is less than 1%.

This guide will not only provide you with an overview of the knowledge required to make a massive advancement in life, but direct you to mentors and success support groups to help you apply and habitualise that knowledge. You can express interest for that support below.

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The Change Your Life, Change the World! guide overview:

     1 - Commitment | Build Self-Belief
     2 - Awareness | You Can't Touch What You Can't See
     3 - Mindfulness | Still the mind and Tap into Your Intuition
     4 -
Limiting Beliefs | Know Your Limits... and Tell Them to Get Stuffed!
     5 - Passion | The Power of Positive Emotion
     6 - Vision | I Can See Clearly Now...

     7 - Self-Organisation | Know What to Do and When to Do It
     8 - Mentorship | Pass Down the 'Know-How'
     9 - Community | Surround Yourself with Fellow Aspiring Pioneers
     10 - Service | Make Someone Else's Life Better    
     11 -
Social Entrepreneurship | Vehicle for Social Chang
     12 - TAKE ACTION! | Start Your Journey

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